Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm a fan of Paul Kelly. No, it's probably not the same Paul Kelly you're thinking of...

I remember I was on a "Jesus camp" sort of thing back in 2006 when I was first introduced to Paul Kelly. Initially I thought the guy that played guitar and sang 'To Her Door', 'Dumb Things', and covered 'It Started With a Kiss' had converted to Catholicism and was going to be giving a Christian-themed concert at the camp site, down in Bunbury. Needless to say my expectations of this Paul Kelly fella were quite lofty!

The Paul Kelly I was introduced to did NOT play the guitar, did NOT sing, and wasn't even born in Australia! Nope; the Paul Kelly I met was approximately 5'5", married with a kid or two, was kind of weedy and spoke with a very thick Scottish accent. I could only emulate in my mind what 'Dumb Things' would have sounded like through the voice of THIS Paul Kelly ("Doomb Thengs" perhaps?).

Anyway, ill-fated pre-conceptions aside, I was pleasantly impressed with this Paul Kelly. He was in Bunbury, like I was, to deliver a series of seminars at this camp. I was giving a lecture series about the hidden messages and influences in music and he gave a crash course in Catholic apologetics. It was at the first of these lectures Paul handed out these "guides" (I guess you'd call them) to Catholicism, entitled 'Why Not Catholicism?'

'Why Not Catholicism?' is a document I still use in my teaching as a teacher of Religious Education at a private Catholic college, and a document I still read in my own development of the full understanding of the Catholic faith and Christianity in general.

Paul Kelly is a teacher of Religious Education himself, and from time to time I see him at the Catholic Education Office here in Perth on professional development or at one of those riveting consensus meetings at the Curriculum Council. He's a man that I have a lot of respect for and admire a great deal. He's actually an inspiring factor in me desiring to continue my development as a defender of the faith and Catholic apologist.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because I'd like to share Paul Kelly's 'Why Not Catholicism?' with you as a "first cab off the ranks" point of reference in furthering your own understanding of Catholicism and Christianity in general. I hope you get as much out of it as I continue to do so three years since first feasting my eyes on it. (<-- Go there)

Peace and God bless,


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