Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm no longer a "Weet-Bix kid"!

Some time ago I received some hate-filled anti-Catholic diatribe in the mail, and needless to say it really grinded my gears! The material came from the Perth base of the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) "Church".

Now, normally I'm very tolerant of the beliefs and others and have no issue with other Christians wanting to practice their faith in the way they think is right - I believe in all growing together in harmony and reserving all judgement for God (Matthew 13:24-30) - but something I will not tolerate is baseless attacks and felonious claims against the faith I follow, and the only Church that can claim to have been founded by Jesus Christ himself (Matthew 16:13-20).

The SDAs since their inception have been known for the prejudice towards Catholicism and are major toters of the "Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon" horn. The SDA official website does their best to alleviate any concerns that one of their drives is to point out the "errs and flaws" of Catholicism, but recent interactions with members from the SDA church - both online and face to face - have left me thinking otherwise!

Now I'm not suggesting that Catholics are innocent of this themselves, but personally, I've never known any of my Catholic friends or Catholics that I know to drag a particular church's name through the mud, tell a non-Catholic Christian that they're "wrong" and are "living a lie", etc. No Church can claim that they have "perfect" people in them.

Anyway, so I'm thinking about the SDA church and what pies they have their fingers in. It may shock some people to know that the SDA church owns Australian brand 'Sanitarium', most famous for "Australia's favourite breakfast cereal", Weet-Bix (source:
SDA South Pacific) .

Yes, that's right; the seven Weet-Bix that Brett Lee does every day is thanks to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and the 10 (sometimes 15) Weet-Bix a day that I used to do growing up was thanks to the SDA church!

The sad part about all this is that Australians are unaware of this connection and this is quite deceitful. Imagine you're an atheist, and you've done your best not to expose yourself or your family to anything linked to religion or pertaining to Christianity, and all of a sudden you discover the SDA link to Sanitarium Weet-Bix! I wonder if it's indicated anywhere on their packaging that Sanitarium is owned by the SDA church? It would certainly make a lot of people around the world think twice about the products they buy.

And so I've come to the decision to boycott anything Sanitarium for as long as I shall live.

Am I doing so because I hate the SDA church? No, not at all; I don't hate the SDA church!

Am I doing so because I hate SDAs? No, not at all; I don't hate SDAs!

Am I doing so because I feel morally adversed to supporting the SDA church financially? Yes, you bet I do! Why? Because the money spent to purchase their Sanitarium products went to the production of the anti-Catholic diatribe I received in my letterbox recently, and the in turn the hate-mongering they propagate. I also do not feel well-minded about supporting their agendas! If my money is going to support any church, it's going to be the Catholic Church because there I know for certain that it will bear good fruit.

We're told by society to be "clever consumers" and to know where our money is going, and I believe this includes each consumer investigating and going beyond whether their money is supporting foreign markets. The Internet is a wonderful thing; if you want to know who you're supporting when you buy a product, look-up the company on the web and learn whose finger is in their pie! For all you know you could be supporting the next KKK movement somewhere in the world or the global child slavery market.

Does this sound like a petty and childish thing for me to do? Probably, but on principle, it's no different to boycotting a particular cosmetics company because of their testing and experiments on animals, or not voting for a particular member of parliament because of connections with dubious individuals.

I just hope to God that Uncle Toby's or Kellogg's aren't owned by Charles Russell Taze or Joseph Smith (or their benefactors) or anyone like that because I'm going to be running out of cereals to eat! Perhaps this is a good time to give Black & Gold or Home Brand a whirl! ;-)

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  1. Yeah fair point about being a responsible consumer. That's decided me on not going back to Weetbix. I "did" 6 or more per day for 25 years, but that's over now.

    I guess it's not that different from companies being owned by supporters of political parties. They aren't going to necessarily advertise their affiliation. It's up to us to find it out and spread the information to those for whom it matters.


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