Sunday, October 04, 2009

A free gift, but I can only give it to one person...

I was at a conference on Thursday and Friday, and during it I took the opportunity to purchase some listening materials produced by Lighthouse Catholic Media. As a reward for logging on to their website and leaving some feedback, I was given a digital copy of a scriptural concordance (A4 size, landscape pdf file) for Catholic teaching, doctrine, and sacraments. Anyway, since I completed two reviews, I was awarded a copy of the concordance for each review, and I'm going to give away the second copy I received to the first person that contacts me via email! What you have to promise me, however, is that you will not copy it and distribute liberally (copyright issues and all).

Anyway, you can email me here. Just put in the subject line "I want that Catholic Scriptural Concordance!"



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