Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Knelt Down on Both Knees Before My Lord...

At Mass on Sunday, July 25, for the first time I received Holy Communion on my knees and straight on to my tongue. 

Until that evening, I had always been one for receiving Communion in the hand. That is the way I had been taught since making my own first Holy Communion 21 years ago; that is the way I had always received Our Lord.

For the last month or so I have been grappling with the thought of receiving Holy Communion on bended knees and straight on to the tongue, and last night I only realised that the only thing stopping me from receiving Our Lord this way was pride. It actually got to the point where I prayed that the Holy Spirit would physically force my down from my shoulders on to the ground so that I would receive Holy Communion this way. I knelt down on both knees before the priest; I allowed myself to be fed because I know that spiritually I am still a child needing to be nourished by Him, the Bread of Life. 

After receiving Holy Communion I returned back to the pew which I had been sitting at and for the first time in my life I gave a complete and humble prayer of thanks.

For the first time I believe I felt the fullness of the graces received with the Eucharist invigorate my soul.

Lord, on bended knees I will greet you in Heaven, and on bended knees this is how I shall receive you on earth.


  1. What a lovely post Stephen. You have the ability to put in words what I have long felt.

  2. Hey man, you might enjoy the following youtube clip.
    Very educational on this topic. Changed the way I receive Out Eucharistic Lord.



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