Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick Thought: "Cafeteria Catholics"

For those of you who are not aware, a "Cafeteria Catholic", according to the Urban Dictionary, is:

"A Catholic individual, typically poorly catechised, from the Latin Rite or other. Said Catholic will pick and choose what he chooses to believe in in regards to the faith. Typically they will deny or mutilate revealed truths in order to justify their sinful lifestyles."

To summarise: a "Cafeteria Catholic" will pick the beliefs and teachings that either "suit them" or the ones to which only they agree with and forget the rest.

In my honest opinion, "Cafeteria Catholics" don't deserve to be called "Catholic". If they want to truly be Catholic they must be faithful to the Catholic Church in all of her teachings, remaining obedient to the teaching authority of the Church: the Magisterium of the Catholilc Church.

The Catholic Church - and Christianity for that matter - is not some salad bar where you fill your dish with only what you feel like, no. The Church is a feast for souls that are always hungry and wanting more because we can never be fully satisfied. We feast at Christ's table; he has invited us to it. Who are we to deny anything that he offers to us freely?

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