Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick Thought: Fr. Corapi's Announcement

I, like many others, was shocked and taken back by Fr. Corapi's decision to leave the priesthood. Fr. Corapi made this announcement in a Youtube video posted over the weekend:

This comes almost three months after a decision was made by Corapi to cease public ministry after an accusation was made against him in an alleged sex and drug addiction scandal.

The question needs to be asked: Why has Fr. Corapi left the priesthood all together?

Corapi is frustrated - that is quite clear - and he is angry, something that is easily picked up on by his tone and choice of words in this announcement. Then there are the comments directed to Church authorities not specified in the video, but there's some kind of beef with authority there. Personally I don't think it's the kind of issue with authority you'd expect from liberals and "contemporary" dissenters, but Corapi's gears have truly been grinded and he's had enough.

It comes as no surprise that some have thought that Corapi has pulled the pin to soon and seemingly given up in lieu of these circumstances, but to be fair and to be completely honest, none of us expect Corapi and those directly involved are aware to the extent of the situation. There is obviously more to this than meets the eye; anything we say, be we the laity, the public, the church militant, the Catholic bloggers, the Catholic media, the secular media, or the guy with the pulse on the proverbial truth of it all, is purely speculative! As my very straight forward/matter-of-fact next door neighbour would say to me often when I'm debating his athiestic world view: "You don't know jack until you know jack."

What Corapi needs at the moment, what ever the situation may be, is our prayers, and what ever is meant to be brought out into the light shall be (Luke 8:17). For now, be fervent in prayer, remain faithful and ask the intercession of the saints in Heaven for the mental and spiritual well-being of Corapi.

Blessed Pope John Paul II,
Pray for us!

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