Friday, August 17, 2012

More about that Geelong parish and parish priest...

I've received a bit more information from Jack and Jill, and this time it concerns some attitudes by some immersed in the parish's liberal/leftist culture that has unfortunately been allowed to take root over the last couple of decades.

These were the claims in summary:

- the Tridentine Mass (i.e. the Extraordinary Form of the Mass) was a clerical model that attempted to put priests above the rest of humanity;
- Vatican II was a council that sought to "revolutionise" and make the Church more "relevant" in our world today; and
- younger clergy (i.e. priests coming out of the seminary in more recent years) are causing division, divide, negative growth in the Church and a negative view of it with their militant orthodoxy

The claims are of course laughable and I have responded to Jack and Jill about them this way:

1.) Never ever was the Tridentine MAss a "clerical model that attempted to put the priests above the rest of humanity". The priest in the Mass (even in the Novus Ordo Missae) acts as "in persona di Cristo" i.e. "the person of Christ" in the consecration of the bread and the wine to become the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ, imitating Christ in the Last Supper. There are, however, individual priests both now and back then who adopted this manner of thinking (i.e. clericalism) and this is largely due to personal arrogance, but it was never and is never a directive of the Church nor was it encouraged on a personal or pastoral level. Ironically, by your parish priest changing the Mass to suit himself and refusing to implement the new Roman Missal, he has embraced clericalism and lofted himself above the authority of the Holy See. In spirit, he is a Protestant.

2.) Vatican II was never about revolutionising the Church to make it more relevant. It really irks me when liberals/modernists speak about the "spirit of Vatican II". If anything, the key documents of Vatican II, i.e. Lumen Gentium, define and outline clearly the role of the laity, religious, and clergy. I would challenge anyone to cite me a Vatican II document that indicates that Vatican II was about "change" or "revolution". Vatican II examined the place of the Church in the world today and exhorted Catholics - be they lay people, religious or clergy - to witness and bring others to Christ.

3.) Younger clergy causing division and divide because of their orthodoxy? You've got to be kidding, right? These younger clergy aren't causing division because of their orthodoxy, no; the orthodoxy of these young priests is making you feel uncomfortable because you liberal twits are beginning to realise how wrong and how far you've fallen from grace. You wilted liberals lacking militant orthodoxy and backbone are a dying breed and for only a little bit longer will you infect our Church. You are stunting growth in the Church because you are preaching a false gospel. 

The most ironic thing about this is this: to have backbone and to embrace orthodoxy is PRECISELY what the "spirit of Vatican II" is. Vatican II exhorts Catholics to be engaged with the world, rejecting dissent and disobedience, and unifying with the Body of Christ and the Bishop of Rome.

So folks, as you can see things are pretty bad at this parish and I would invite you to join me in prayers for this parish and its parishioners.

Please pray that due attention is given to this parish and that the Lord may truly work in this situation.


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